Dhaka University

Sep 06, 2016

Dhaka University
Dhaka University

The other name of the University of Dhaka University is Dhaka University. Dhaka University is established in 1921. Dhaka University was associated in the city recognized as Ramna on six hundred acres of land property. Sir P.J. Hartog was the first VC of Dhaka University. Dhaka University has been performing as a major contributor to the modern history of Bangladesh.

The students and teachers played an essential responsibility for rising of the independence of Bangladesh as well as Bengali nationalism. At present Dhaka University has become one of the leading institutions of superior education institute in Asia.

Dhaka University started its educational curriculum with three faculties, twelve Departments, sixty teachers, eighty hundred and seventy seven students and three residence hotels for the students.

Dhaka University is consisted with at present with thirteen faculties, seventy seven departments, eleven institutes, twenty residential hostels and over fifty one research centers. The number of students is about thirty five thousand eight hundred and forty and the number of teachers is seven thousand one hundred and three in that order.

Dhaka University is committed to the expansion of learning, and is committed to encouraging research in all fields of knowledge. Dhaka University has taken the assignment to promote the revolution processes of the each student. Dhaka University is performing as the pioneer university. It is also the largest accommodate of learning institute in Bangladesh.

Dhaka University offers a wide range of administered programs, services and activities to performs in the fields of educational, social, recreational needs and cultural with the Dhaka University community.

Teachers and students centre, Rover Scout Group of Dhaka University, Dhaka University tourist society, film society, photography society, debating society and other groups of Dhaka University are acting as major entertainment groups.

Dhaka University is gradually more determined to combine the detection of knowledge and truth with the worth and needs of a developing society.

The environment of Dhaka University is very charming and friendly. There is a cafeteria is situated in front of TSC. The other facilities of Dhaka University are transport, health services, libraries, playgrounds and other. Dhaka University is located at the middle point of Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

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